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Simple and effective tips to potty train your baby

Simple and effective tips to potty train your baby

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Before starting to potty train your baby, assess her readiness for this. Assessing this is probably the easiest part of the whole potty training process. However, once the process begins you may face a few difficulties. Following some simple tips makes this easier.

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Introduce potty as a fun thing.First of all, introduce the very idea of getting potty trained as a fun activity for your baby. Do not bring it in as a routine. Rather introduce it as a happy change from getting cleaned on the bed to getting cleaned in the potty.

Familiarize your baby with the place. You can do so by familiarizing her with the potty seat as a place that is used by you as well as the other members of the family. Let her know and understand that this activity is part of the family’s daily life and needs to be incorporated in her schedule as well.

Do not show any aversion. The sight or smell of your baby’s potty may be a little uncomfortable for you. This may convey negative vibes to your baby. She may not want to upset you and as a result the whole process of potty training can become slightly difficult.

Set up a potty routine. Set a routine for potty as soon as your baby accepts to sit on the potty for her bowel and bladder discharges. You can take her to the toilet as soon as she gets up in the morning. You can do the same before the shower and before bedtime.

Avoiding wet beds. If you are prepared to take off her night time diaper, you can also take her to the toilet once in the night to prevent bedwetting. Setting a routine also helps you a great deal in avoiding dirty diapers and wet beds.

Take books or toys in the toilet. One smart idea to potty train your baby is to get some interesting picture books for her and stack them next to the potty seat in the toilet. Make these books accessible to her whenever she is in the potty.

Rewards and surprises. Rewards can encourage your baby to get potty trained. For instance, you can start with simple rewards like star stickers on the board for every successful attempt. Praise your baby whenever the task of potty discharge is accomplished. Talk to others in the family about the baby’s success in her presence. This really encourages her to be better at it. Appreciate your baby whenever she succeeds at the potty. For instance, you can clap for your baby’s performance, sing to her and even ask the others to do the same.

Let your baby take charge. Allow your baby to use the potty whenever she wants to and for as long as she wants. Let her watch you using the toilet. She also gradually understands that her mother not only takes her to the potty, but also uses it for herself.

Use the right clothes. While you are potty training you baby, try to make your baby wear clothes that can be easily and quickly opened whenever it is needed.

These general tips can help you in potty training your baby. However, since each baby is different from the other, you can find out other simple ways by yourself to get the thing done.

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