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First 1000 Days Nutrition Program

The name says it all - Start Healthy Stay Healthy

New and emerging science has shown that the health-related decisions you make during pregnancy and in early childhood influence your little one's future health.
A 3-step learning program will translate this First 1000 Days science into practical advice on what and how to feed your baby.

1. Explore

Amazing facts and findings from the First 1000 Days showing how this period impacts your baby's future health

2. Learn

Find something interesting? Go deeper and get the ins and outs of each topic. There is a lot to learn, especially when it comes to your child's healthy future!

3. Act

Quizzes, tracking tools, videos, tips and smart ways to implement what you've learned about the right nutrition and feeding practices

Personalized dashboard

Enter your information once and log into a personalised dashboard each time you visit. Your personal space will help you to keep track of your progress through every age and stage.

Tools & rewards

Earn badges as you move through the Start Healthy Stay Healthy Nutrition Program - they'll support and inspire you, and hopefully make you smile.

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It all starts here. Expert nutrition advice for you and your baby along the first 1000 days.

  • Learn about nutrition at your own paceLearn about nutrition at your own pace
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