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Shopping with Your Baby

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Shopping with your newborn can be challenging experience, make sure you are well-prepared.

Friday, March 10th, 2017

Things to do before Going for Shopping

Plan out your shopping dates with your baby to make it more enjoyable, successful and less stressful:

Don’t allow strangers to touch your baby so that you avoid unnecessary exposure to germs. Be polite but assertive about your rule.

Prefer a time for shopping during which, when your child is well-rested and not hungry. The best time to take baby out is after a feed and diaper change.

Make sure to carry a diaper bag with all baby essentials with you such as diapers, wipes, sunshade for the car and a change of clothes.

Keep a hand-sanitizer with you

Remember to carry the following breastfeeding accessories with you and be prepared for feeding on the go.

Avoid going out in the afternoon when it is hot and sunny.

You might feel excited as it is probably a long time that you went out for shopping. However, do remember to:

Prioritize your shopping list: Buy stuff that’s urgent, so in case your baby decides not co-operate you still can leave without any regrets.

Ensure you don’t touch your baby after touching raw fruits and vegetables as you can transfer germs.

If you have a baby carrier and secure it well onto the shopping trolley.

While you look around the shopping aisle, always keep an eye on your baby and be alert.

If your baby cries, check if your baby’s diaper is clean as that is the most common reason for crying. Change if it’s wet. If your baby is still crying, try to distract him or her with a baby toy or look for a secluded place and then breastfeed to calm him or her.

If you are faced with a surprise “baby strike” and nothing works, just stop shopping and get back home. Your baby’s comfort is your top priority; everything else can wait.

Happy shopping with your baby!

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