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Shopping with Your Kid

When it comes to shopping with your kid, you need to keep it short and sweet. Cut down on your long shopping routines for the time being and reserve them for days when you have someone to take care of your kid at home. Meanwhile, follow these simple steps to make shopping with your kid a pleasurable experience.

Explain Rules Beforehand

Before leaving, talk to your child about some basic rules. Make your child understand that he or she:

  • Needs to stay close to you or sit in the shopping cart while you do the pushing.

  • Should not run around.
  • Should not touch any of the displayed products.

Let your child know that if he or she breaks these rules, you are going to leave the store.

Things to Keep in Mind

As a parent, you need to keep certain things in mind such as:

  • Prioritise your shopping list. Buy stuff that’s urgent, so that in case your baby does not co-operate, you can still leave the store without any regrets.
  • While returning back from shopping, talk to your child about the experience. Share what you liked the most. Express your feelings on how much you valued your child’s presence. This will help boost his or her self-esteem.

  • Prefer a time for shopping during which your child is well-rested and not hungry.
  • Make your child wear comfortable shoes.
  • Do not plan your trip around mealtimes. Feed your kid before going for shopping. A full belly goes a long way!
  • Pack all the necessary stuff such diapers, snacks and water. Do not forget to carry your child’s favourite toy.
  • While shopping, keep talking to your child, like “This is a brinjal” or “What is the shape of this box?” This will not only keep your child engaged, but will also improve his or her vocabulary skills.
  • Anticipate problematic situations before hand, such as telling your child a story while waiting in the billing line.
  • Ignore your child’s inappropriate behaviour, unless it becomes dangerous or annoys others.

If your child is out of control, take him or her to the restroom or out of the store. If your child does not calm down, it is better to go back home.

If your child behaved nicely while you shopped, don’t forget to reward him or her for the good behaviour. It will make your child more willing to accompany you on your next shopping trip.

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