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Shopping Tips for the Baby

Children are fascinated about exploring new things and places. Taking your child for shopping can be a great experience both for you and your child. Regular shopping trips can help your child learn new skills.

Plan out your shopping dates with your kid to make it more enjoyable and less stressful:

  • Well-rested and not hungry: Prefer a time for shopping during which, when your child is well-rested and not hungry.
  • Nutritious snacks: Carry some nutritious snacks such as raisins, fruits, cheese cubes for your child to eat while you go for shopping.
  • Make shopping a game: Involve your child in shopping by making it a game. For example, where are the bananas or who can find the red colour box?
  • Set the rules: Explain the rules to your kid before you go for shopping. For example, you can make him or her understand to speak quietly.
  • While you shop with your toddler, teach him/her about shapes, colour, texture and smell.

  • Emphasise appropriate behaviour: Pay attention to your child while shopping and cheer him or her to talk, watch, listen and think.
  • Keep your child close: Hold your child properly or make him or her sit in the shopping cart.
  • Feel your child secure: Carry your child’s favourite toy or book to make him or her feel secure in the new environment.

Whether you are at home or out for shopping, safety of your child is the first priority. Strollers or shopping carts are often used during shopping and can cause unwanted incidents. Some precautions can help avoid accidental injuries to your child:2

  • Fasten your child with seat belts to avoid leaning out
  • Do not leave your child alone in a stroller
  • Avoid hanging shopping bags in the stroller to prevent it from rolling over
  • Be aware about the usage of brakes in the stroller. Try to use a stroller which has easy-to-operate brakes
  • Shopping carts are not safe for your child and often results in fractures, internal injuries and concussions.

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