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Shifting Your Baby To An Independent Sleeping Space

Shifting Your Baby To An Independent Sleeping Space

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Babies love their mothers’ warmth and like being near to them all the time. It may be more comfortable for a mother to sleep next to her baby as she can easily soothe her restless baby while sleeping and feeding her easily in the night. However, moving your baby to her own cot helps her to develop independent sleeping habits.

Monday, March 27th, 2017

Sleep With Your New Born Baby. It is best for mothers to sleep beside their newborns as they can easily comfort the baby and feed her during the night as and when required. This way the baby also feels secure and calm.

Shifting Your Baby From Bed to Cot.

As your baby grows older, it helps to make her sleep in a cot beside the mother’s bed. This makes it easier for babies to shift to their own bed and room when they grow up. But there are few things that should be kept in mind while you exercise this transition.

Place Your Baby in The Cot and Caress Her To Sleep. Follow the bedtime ritual that you have set for your baby. After that, gently shift her to the cot while she is still awake. Lie your baby down and gently stroke her body or hum to her. Whenever your baby demands attention, respond to her in a soft manner. Assure her that you are around.

Don’t Be Hasty If Your Baby Wakes Up at Night. When your baby wakes up in the night, do not rush to pick her up at every cry. Try to calm her as much as possible with few words or gentle strokes on her body. Most babies tend to sleep back after brief crying, unless they are hungry.

Pick Your Baby to Feed and Promptly Put Her Back to Sleep. At feeding time pick up your baby, feed her, put her back in the cot and allow her to fall back to sleep on her own. If your baby doesn’t, you can initially help by humming or stroking gently. But your baby must quickly adapt to falling back to sleep on her own after the midnight feeds.

Shifting Your Baby From Her Cot To Bed.

By the age of 2, your baby gains physical strength and balance. Coordination of limbs becomes more defined. The baby can support herself and can easily climb out of the cot. At this point you may need to shift your baby to a toddler bed.

Introduce the Bed as Playing Area. If your baby has slept in the cot till now, then she may also be excited about her new bed. Initially she may not want to sleep there but she may definitely like the idea of playing in the bed. Encourage her to do so and introduce the bed for sleeping only gradually to her.

Encourage Naps in the Bed. Tell her to make the toys sleep in her bed. This idea introduces your baby to the thought of using the bed for her own sleeping. After a while you can encourage her to sleep in it for mid-day/afternoon naps. If she resists, give her some more time. Let your baby prepare to sleep in the bed. Gradually, she is going to get there.

Low Height and Edge Guards Make a Safe Bed. To prevent your baby from falling off the bed, keep the height of the bed low and support it with bed guards. Surround the baby with pillows while she is sleeping. Place a carpet and cushions on the floor adjacent to the bed so that she doesn’t get hurt even if she falls.

Let Your Baby Spread Wings of Freedom.

Making your baby familiar with new sleeping arrangement is very important in helping her getting used to it. Parents must remember to be sensitive and patient in this matter. It is good to let your baby explore and befriend the new sleeping space before she starts sleeping in it. The process of shifting your baby to the cot or bed must be gradual.

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