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Shake Hands with Bone Buddies

Shake Hands with Bone Buddies

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Bones are a blessing to us, without it we would be a squishy mass. Bones form the rigid frame inside the body, which provides a definite structure, and protect soft organs within. Your tiny baby grew day by day, became taller and now is able to walk and run. Bones make this possible.

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Want to make your child strong? Make room for these bone health companions:

Calcium—Best Friend of Bones: Calcium makes bones harder and stronger. It is the main component of bone. Enough calcium supplemented from your child’s diet will prevent fractures.

Vitamin D—Calcium Helper: Vitamin D helps body to absorb calcium from the food. Although calcium intake from diet is adequate, it cannot be absorbed without vitamin D. At least 15–20 minutes of sun exposure per day is necessary to help form vitamin D under the skin.

Give at least 500 mL of milk to your child in a day to fulfill his requirements for calcium and phosphorus.

Phosphorus and Magnesium—Bone Buddies: Phosphorus and magnesium build healthy
and strong bones with calcium. Phosphorus combines with calcium to form the bone structure.

Bones are active tissues, which change constantly and form a framework for your growing child. Nutrition is important for healthy and tough bones, as it will have an everlasting effect in later years of your child. Some form of physical activity with proper nutrition is also essential for proper bone function.

Make sure you incorporate these companions in your child’s diet to make him or her strong for life.

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