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Sexual Behaviour in Your child

Sexual Behaviour in Your child

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The title may surprise you. However, sexual behaviour is quite common among children. Here are some common / normal sexual behaviour that you may notice in young children.

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Masturbation/Touching Genitals

Kids often touch or play with their own genitals in public or private.

Touching other Kid’s Genitals

Kid shows his or her genitals to a friend or touches his or her friend’s genital while playing. This is often observed when a kid plays “doctor game”.

Interested in Adult Nudity

Kids may like to see their parents or any other adult individual changing dresses. They are very curious about naked bodies.

Standing or Sitting Close

Sexual behaviour is a part of normal development in toddlers. Distracting your child and responding in the right way can help you deal with it successfully.

Another common sexual behaviour among children is standing or sitting close to other individual.

Touching the Breast

Children touch their own breast and also very much interested to touch adult women’s breast especially when they have a younger breastfeeding sibling at home.

How to Deal with Sexual Behaviours in Children?

If your child shows inappropriate sexual behaviour in public, try to distract him or her with another activity.

Instead of punishing your child for this kind of behaviour, divert his or her attention by asking the child to hold his or her parent’s hand.

Avoid watching adult content on television or internet in presence of your child, even if he or she seems to be playing around.

If a child is obsessed with sexual behaviours to the extent of not being able to focus on other activities then it could be a warning sign of a behavioural problem or sexual abuse.

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