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Sexual Abuse in Children Guard Your Child against it

Sexual Abuse in Children Guard Your Child against it

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Sexual abuse in children is definitely not a comfortable topic, especially for any mother. However, we live in times, where we cannot ignore this bitter reality. While we hope for the best, taking every single measure to guard our children against any unpleasant event is the top priority of every prudent mother.

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Here are some Precautions that you should take to Safeguard Your Child from any Unpleasant Event:

Keep a watch on relative or friend who pay unusual attention to the child or offers to babysit the child seeking opportunity to be alone with him/her.

Ideally, be with your child all the time.

If you need to leave your child with someone, ensure that the ‘someone’ is a very trustworthy person.

While at playschool/ day care, make sure that a responsible lady teacher/ care taker is always present to take care of the child.

Train your little one not to talk with strangers and accept any gifts or chocolates from them.

Let your child know without instilling any fear that no one can remove or touch their underwear except mom or the safest caregiver.

Be alert and observe any behavioural and physical signs in your child that is strikingly different from normal.

Be intuitive; if you are not comfortable with leaving your child with someone, don’t!

Be a vigilant mom! Ensure safety for your child!!

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