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Risks of an Overdue Pregnancy

Risks of an Overdue Pregnancy

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Most pregnancies normally last about 40 weeks. Most women go into labour a week either side of their due date, but some women go past their due date. Your pregnancy is said to be overdue or past due if your pregnancy lasts more than 42 weeks

Monday, September 11th, 2017

There are some amounts of risks associated with overdue pregnancy; however, most babies who are past their due date are born healthy. Your doctor will constantly monitor your baby’s heart beat and movements to ensure that all is well.

You need to be mentally prepared for a caesarean section if your pregnancy is overdue. This is because your baby might grow too big in size after you have crossed your due date making vaginal delivery difficult.

If you have crossed 41 weeks, then there is a slightly increased risk to your baby’s health. If you have crossed 42 weeks, then the risk to you and your baby increases. When this happens, your baby might not grow as well as before and may show signs of stress. This is because the placenta which provides oxygen and nutrients to your growing baby may not work as well as before. Moreover, the amount of amniotic fluid surrounding your baby might reduce. As a result of which the umbilical cord may get pinched limiting the amount of oxygen and nutrients to your growing baby.

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