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Right Way to Give Medicines to Your Child

Right Way to Give Medicines to Your Child

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Medicines should always be taken in the right way. Taking medicines in the wrong way can do more harm than good. At times, it can even lead to severe complications.

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

While giving medicines to your child follow your doctor’s advice accurately and read instructions leaflet carefully to avoid complications.

Some safety tips to follow while giving medicines to your child are:

Measure medicine carefully with a medicine spoon, dropper or a cup.

Turn on the lights while giving medicine and go through the checklist before giving any medicines to your child.

Never use your kitchen spoons for measurement, as they do not measure medicine accurately.

Never give your child more medicine than instructed, even if he or she seems sicker than the last time. Know about the medicines that should not be given to your child.

Never make your child drink directly from a medicine bottle.

The dosage of medicines depends on your child’s weight, hence make sure that your doctor has updated information about your child’s weight.

Make sure to tell your doctor if your child is taking any other medicines regularly.

If your child hates taking medicines, do not try to tempt him or her by saying it to be a candy. Your child could accidently end up consuming more medicine mistaking it to be a candy.

If your child spits out or vomits medicines call your doctor for instructions instead of giving another dose.

If your child has difficulty swallowing a tablet or capsule, you can crush or mix it with soft food such as pudding. However, effectiveness of some drugs may get lost by crushing. Consider talking with your doctor and ask him to give dispersible alternatives.

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