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Right Way to Give Medicines

Right Way to Give Medicines

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You may wonder should I stop medicines once my kid is feeling better or give diluted adult dose sometimes. The answer is Never!

Thursday, March 16th, 2017

You child’s doctor is the best person to tell you about making changes to your child’s medicines. Don’t decide these matters on your own. It can be harmful and even fatal to do so.

Here are Some Do’s and Don’ts About the Right Way of Giving Medicines to your Child Without Overdosing or Underdosing:


Do not force-feed medicines to your child. Instead, tell your child a story, or mix the medicines with a food your child likes; if the doctor is approved of it.

  • Always complete the course of medication especially antibiotics prescribed by your doctor, even if your kid is feeling better.
  • Always keep the medicines in their original containers to avoid any confusion.
  • You must know the common abbreviations on kid’s medicine’s like tsp (teaspoon), tbsp (tablespoon), ml (milliliter), etc.
  • Use the measuring spoon provided with the medicine box. A regular spoon (used in the kitchen) is different from a measuring spoon.
  • Always double-check the dose.
  • If your child spits out or vomits the medicines, call your doctor before giving another dose.


  • Do not increase or decrease the dose of medications on your own without asking the doctor.
  • Do not give adult medications in the diluted form to your child. Adult medications may harm your child even when diluted.
  • You might be tempted to give your 5-year-old child’s left over medicines to your 1-year-old. But this might not be safe for your younger kid. Always check with your doctor before doing such things.
  • Do not prepare or give any medicine to your child in the dark. This will help you avoid the risk of giving a wrong dose or a wrong medicine altogether.

Ways to Dispense Medicines to Kids:

  • You can use calibrated syringes or plastic droppers for babies who can’t drink from a cup.
  • Check with your doctor if you can mix your child’s medicine with little food or some liquid to make it more palatable.
  • If your child cannot gulp tablets, ask your doctor if you can crush the tablets and mix them with water or food.

Read the instructions on the medicine pack thoroughly and check with your doctor in case of any confusion related to your child’s medicines. These steps would ensure that you are giving medicines to your child in the right and safe way.

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