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Quality Time vs Quantity Time

Quality Time vs Quantity Time

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Your work might keep you away from your baby for many hours during the day. Spending less face time with your baby can be upsetting both for you and your baby. Try to let this guilt trip go. Even though the time spent is less, make every minute spent with your baby count.

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Always remember, it is the quality and not necessarily the quantity that counts.

Make every moment spent with your baby count. Turn every day-to-day activity such as changing diaper, feeding milk or food, getting baby dressed, etc. into together-time. Look into your baby’s eyes, smile while you look at or talk to your baby. Make every attempt of bonding with your baby and in turn your baby will bond with you.

Open up! Sing a song for your baby or dance around in happiness.

Let spending time with your baby be your top priority in your non-working hours.

Make the best of every small moment with your baby. Whenever you get a chance, hug, cuddle and kiss your baby. This will comfort and reassure both you and your baby.

Creatively involve your baby in whatever you do. For example, if you are cooking, make your baby a part of it. Your baby can simply watch you cook or help you toss the ingredients. Involve your kid further by explaining what you are cooking.

Never miss an opportunity to talk to your baby. However young your baby is, talking can assure your baby of your undivided attention. Probably every day when you return from work, sit down and tell your baby how your day was. It will also improve your baby’s language and listening skills.

Develop a morning and evening routine with your baby. Eating together before you set out to work or doing that special activity such as reading a book or playing a game before going to bed can bring in a lot of stability into your relationship.

While you are spending quality time with your baby, ignore phone calls that can wait, hold domestic chores that do not matter, if delayed.

Plan a day out with your baby and visit places that allow interactions between both of you. Occasionally, go for a family vacation where there are no distractions. Do not carry your work along.

Do not stress out too much, if other things go neglected in your attempt to spend time with your baby. It does not matter how well you ran your house, but it does matter how well you spent your time with your child.

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