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Putting your twins to sleep at the same time

Putting your twins to sleep at the same time

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As a mother of twins it must be exciting you to no end to watch your little ones keep the house bustling and active at all times. But it’s not all that smooth always. The two-fold energy can stress you out to no end and leave you with sleepless days and nights.

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

Juggling your twins’ needs can be hectic.

Taking care of your twin’s needs can leave you with practically no time for yourself. By the time you feed one and it’s time to feed the other. While you put one to sleep, the other little one insists on staying awake. And just as you have managed to put the second one to sleep, the first one wakes up. In a couple of days you completely tire yourself out from stress and fatigue.

Ensure your little ones go to sleep at the same time.

An effective way to get your sleep back with the twins around is to put them to sleep at the same time. Also, you need to find some time to rest yourself. Follow a few measures and you find your twins waking and sleeping at the same time, leaving some much-needed time and respite for you.

Fix a bedtime ritual: Set a going-to-sleep ritual. Fix a time and other accompanying rituals, so the babies begin to understand that it is time to go sleep. Find soothing and calming practices such as massages and a warm bath. You may stroke their bodies ever so gently to put them to bed. Such practices get them used to falling asleep sooner by the day.

Let the twins share the same crib/bed: Sharing the crib allows the twins to feel more secure in each other’s proximity and warmth. An assuring intimacy is established as each feels the others heartbeat. This is a guaranteed method to make them fall asleep faster and for longer. You may want to put them to sleep in separate cribs for reasons of safety. In that case, ensure their cribs are close by for them to see and hear each other.

Put the twins in bed while they are drowsy: Get the twins used to putting themselves to sleep. Put them to bed while they are awake. Stay close by and stroke their bodies or read or sing them to sleep. Gradually, begin putting them in to bed when they are drowsy. Then there’s no need to hold or rock them. Let them sleep by themselves.

Swaddle them to sleep: Swaddle your little ones. It restricts them from moving around too much and eventually calms them down. A warm, secure swaddle can make them very comfortable, helping them fall asleep gradually.

The calm one sleeps first: Your little ones may have completely different temperaments. One may be restless and hyperactive while the other calm as the sea. You may want to put the calmer one to sleep first. You may be tempted to tend to the restless one first. But you are bound to feel the guilt of not being able to attend to the calmer, quieter one. So put the calmer one to sleep first. She sleeps faster and then you can use the time to attend to your restless one. A calm baby can become restless if she does not get enough sleep. You don’t want to have two restless, irked babies at hand.

Schedule nap and sleep times: In the initial days of their arrival, your young ones may not know the difference between day and night, because of the time they have spent in your womb. In the beginning, they spend a lot of time just sleeping. However, as their waking hours increase, help them learn the difference.

Keep the rooms dimly lit at night, as opposed to the rest of the evening when the bright lights are up. Keep your voices, sounds down and reduce all other activities when it’s time for them to sleep. Reduce their nightly wake-ups. Feed them and put them right back in to the crib without too much ado. This helps the babies to go back to sleep by themselves.

Keep days for activity: As your twins grow up, encourage a lot of activity during the day. Take your little ones out and keep them active during the day. It helps your little ones differentiate between day and night as times for play and sleep respectively. Moreover, all the activity will help them sleep better during the night.

It’s a tricky affair to make your twins go to sleep together. Use a combination of these tips to put them to sleep for longer duration, leaving you with the much needed time for rest and sleep.


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