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Putting Your Baby to Bed

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Getting your baby to sleep is a big challenge for most of the new parents. Sleeping is a habit which can be adapted by your baby slowly.

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

Each baby has a different sleeping pattern. Some babies sleep for longer period and others for shorter duration. Until 6 months of age your baby does not develop a regular sleep cycle.

Avoid covering your baby’s head during sleep as babies lose excess heat through their head and overheating might be harmful for your baby.

Here are some tips to put your baby to bed:

Establish Bedtime Routine

Set up a bedtime routine, this will help avoiding sleeping problems. Giving a warm bath, changing into night clothes, putting to bed, reading a bedtime story, singing a lullaby can be the part of bedtime routine.

Differentiate day and night time

During daytime make your baby play and try to keep him or her awake for long time. This will help your baby to sleep better at night. Certain practices such as keeping the lights dim, having minimal conversations, avoiding playing during night make your baby understand that night time is for sleeping.

Avoid Bedtime Feast

Avoid feeding your baby while putting him or her on bed. This will help your baby to keep away from the habit of feeding while going for sleep.

Don’t respond immediately to your child’s fussing

When your baby starts crying in the bed, don’t turn on the light, play with your baby or pick your baby up. Give him or her some time to sleep again. If he or she continues crying, then check whether he or she is hungry, wet or soiled, feverish or not keeping well.

Make your baby sleep on his or her back

Make sure your baby sleeps on his or her back during both day and night time. This helps to prevent choking and reduce the risk of cot death.

Ensure baby’s safety

Keep your baby away from all fluffy beddings, quilts, stuffed animals, and pillows to ensure your baby’s safety.


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