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Protecting your baby from germs

Protecting your baby from germs

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Your little one is now starting to stand and walk on her own, getting better control over her limbs and exploring the world with excitement. As she starts to move out and interact with more people than she has ever done before, it also increases her risk towards infections! At this time her body’s immune system needs the right kind of nutrition to further strengthen itself. You should be aware of the facts that concern her protection from the external germs.

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Protection that grows with your baby.

On one hand your baby’s growth and nutrition needs are increasing, on the other she has started saying no to many nutritious foods that you give her. Family foods that are less spicy and soft to eat can be of help here. Just take good care that her foods are energy and nutrient dense as any deficiency at this stage can lead to a repeating cycle of malnutrition-infection-malnutrition.

Right nutrition is the key.

Malnutrition is caused by a deficiency of any nutrient in the diet. This leads to increased risk of infections and illnesses which in turn lead to more deficiencies. The best way to prevent this infection-malnutrition cycle is to not let deficiencies set-in in the first place!

Make sure that your baby’s food is full of growth and immunity building nutrients. A baby with a healthy immune system will be able to not just fight infections but also recover from them sooner and prevent their return in future. This is the best way to help her be protected from germs that she may come in contact.

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