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Preventing and curing your babys ear infection

Preventing and curing your babys ear infection

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One of the most common infections in babies is a mid-ear infection called otis media. It generally occurs due to common cold or fever. Sometimes becomes acute and then it is referred to as acute otis media.

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

Viral infection causes ear infection.

Generally acute otis media happens due to a complication of a viral infection. The inflammation obstructs the eustachian tubes and hamper the passage of air through it. It may also lead to the liquid of interstitial fluid into the middle ear. This liquid of the middle ear provides a base for microbial growth because of which the middle ear infection develops.

Symptoms of ear infection.

There are many signs and symptoms that can tell you whether your baby has acute otis media or not. Some of these symptoms are tugging or pulling at ear, foul smell and/or hearing trouble.

Tugging at the ear. If your baby is pulling or tugging at her ear it can be a sign of ear trouble. She can also be slightly irritable during these times.

Foul smell. The fluid drainage inside the ear may have a foul odour. This drainage is also different from the normal ear wax. Its colour may be orange-yellow or reddish brown.

Fever and cold. If your baby has fever and cold along with hearing troubles and restlessness during sleep, she is probably suffering from the ear infection.  In some cases her appetite might also decrease.

Treatment and prevention.

The treatment for ear infection is different in each baby and you should take the preventive measures only after investigation and observation. However, there are some common measures. For instance keeping good ear hygiene and maintaining a clear nose and throat when the baby has cold can help.

Ear hygiene. Ear infections can be prevented by ensuring proper ear hygiene. Breastfeeding can help since it boosts the immune system which in turn helps in preventing the ear infection.

Clear the nose and throat. Keeping the nose and throat of you baby clear in cold and infections and controlling allergies can largely help in preventing ear infections.

Consult the doctor. Consult your  paediatrician to ensure the right care and treatment.

There is not much to worry about your baby’s ear infection if you detect it early and provide the right treatment. Just be a bit cautious because if unattended, it may sometimes cause damage to the ear drum or result in long term hearing impairment.

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