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Preparing your child for preschool

Starting preschool is a big step for your child with his or her little feet. Your child is away from home for the first time. Initially, parents may also experience mixed emotions while sending their child to preschool. Preparing your child for preschool will help them to cope with the unfamiliar environment of preschool.

Instead of a long farewell a short loving goodbye message can make your child comfortable while leaving your child for preschool.

Try to grow some of these social and emotional qualities while you prepare your child for preschool

  • Confidence: Stay calm and assured about your decision to send your child
    to preschool. Your behaviour will help to grow confidence in your child.
  • Independence: Encourage your child to do his or her own tasks such as keeping the toys at proper place. This will help him or her to be independent.
  • Cooperation: Cheer your child to play with other children and mix with adults other than family members. It will help your child to learn sharing and taking turns.
  • Motivation: Show positive attitude about learning and school which will motivate your child for school.

Some regular activities can also help your child to get adjusted with the new environment of the preschool.

  • Visit the Preschool: Before school starts, take your child to preschool classroom a few times to make him or her familiar with the environment. You can also initiate some of the school activities at home such as scribbling with paper and crayons.
  • On the first day, friendly introduction with teacher will help to understand your child that he or she is happy and secure in the teacher’s care.
  • Ensure that school staffs make your child feel relaxed while transferring from your care to the classroom.

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