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Preparing your baby for her bath

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Cleaning, wiping, bathing, drying and dressing up your little darling is so much a part of your daily bonding. Taking care of your baby’s health and hygiene is of utmost concern to you. Knowing the right way to bathe your baby can be a concern for some first time mothers.

Friday, March 17th, 2017

A bath before dinner or sleep relaxes your baby:

If your baby likes her bath and seems relaxed enough, give her a bath in the evening before dinner or bedtime. Babies usually sleep longer and stay calm, once they have taken a bath.


Use tepid water to calm the little one down: When the water is a little warm, your baby is far more relaxed while bathing.

Keep all accessories at hand: Before undressing her for her bath organize all that you will need and arrange them at a reachable distance.

Bathe her partially, if required: She may need a partial bath to clean out only the soiled parts of the body. For this, you do not need to undress your baby completely. Remove the piece of clothing concerned and leave the rest of her covered.

No need for soaps until she’s 5-6 weeks old: Your little one does not need soaps or shampoos until she’s 5-6 weeks old. Once, she’s that old, you need to take care of the kind of product you use on her.

Use only mild soaps and shampoos once or twice a week: Adults shampoos and body washes are extremely harsh, even for adults. So forget even trying them out on your little one. Use only premium quality mild shampoos available in the market. Don’t use too much shampoo too many times. Keep the frequency to a maximum of once or twice a week.

Keep your little one’s eyes safe from soaps and shampoos: Even the mildest of shampoos and soaps can be harmful to your young darling’s eyes. Take care that the shampoo does not reach her eyes when you are applying or washing it.

A massage an hour or half-n-hour before her bath can be very comforting: Give her a nice and soft relaxing massage an hour or half-n-hour before her bath.

Take care of her umbilical stump: Be careful with your baby’s umbilical stump while you give her a bath.

Preparing your new-born baby for a bath:

Don’t begin to panic when you have to give your fragile little one a bath. She may be vulnerable, but a few smart tricks and you can get the job done like a pro. When she’s just arrived, she may not need the daily shower. Depending on the weather, bathe her once every 2-3 days. For instance, if her diapers are soiled, remove it and clean her bottom.

Preparing your baby for a bath when she’s a little older:

As your baby grows, she is going to begin to move around a lot more. You may need to increase the frequency at which their clothes are changed or they are bathed.

When a little older she might need a bath twice a day: Once she begins to move around a lot more, she is going to get dirtier and may even need bathing twice a day.

Add a few toys to their bath and let them splash around: At 7-8 months, babies begin to like their baths a lot more because they can splash around. Add to her joy and bring a few toys she can play with. This makes them look forward to their bath time, and the job becomes much easier for you.

Set her bath time to late evenings to calm her down: Give her a bath before dinner or before she sleeps. It helps soothe her down and sleep comes much easier.

Pre-bath rituals; clean her eyes, ears, face and bottom thoroughly: Before you bring your little one in for a bath, clean her eyes, ears, face, hands and feet thoroughly. Then put her in the tub.

Use only mild bath oils and shampoos for the baby: Use only mild baby products to bathe your little one. Harsher products hurt and damage baby skin.

Never leave her unattended in the tub and cover the taps carefully: It’s not safe to leave your little one unattended in the tub. She may hurt herself. Also cover the water taps carefully when you are placing her in the water, so she does not bump her head in to them.

After-bath rituals for all babies:

There are a couple of after-bath rituals that you need to follow for your baby, so she doesn’t catch cold and fall sick. It doesn’t matter how old she is, try to follow this routine always.

Wrap her in a towel and switch off the air-condition and fans in the room: Once you are done giving her a bath, take her out of her bath very gently and immediately wrap her in a soft towel. Make sure all air-condition and fans in the room are switched off before you bring her in to dress or else she may catch a cold.

Pat her dry with a warm and  dry towel: Always use a warm and dry towel to pat her dry. Don’t use the same towel you have used to wrap her. Don’t rub her skin too hard. You may end up hurting her fragile skin.

Use moisturizers or lotions immediately after she’s dry: Don’t keep your little one exposed to air for a long time. If you need to apply a moisturizer or lotion, do so immediately. However, newborn babies are not very likely to need such products.

Dress her up quickly, but gently: Dress the little one up with fast and nimble fingers and she’s ready for her after-bath meal.

Feed her after: Once she’s bathed and dressed your little one is ready for a nice, sumptuous meal because bathing makes her hungry.

Babies love their baths

Most babies love their bath times, because they like playing in the water. If yours is not too fond of it, reduce their bathing time. Nevertheless, fix a bathing routine. That way your baby will know it’s a routine she can’t really escape.

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