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Powering up your babys protection against infections

Sitting still is just not enough. From rolling to crawling to pulling herself up, this is the stage when your baby will start discovering mobility. It is therefore important to fortify her to fight with infections that she may come in contact with.

A journey of lifelong learning starts. 

Till now your baby’s world was restricted to her crib, but once she begins to crawl, you’ll have less control over her movements. This is the first exploratory stage in her life. She’ll pick up things, put them into her mouth and thus the chances of contracting germs will also be high.

Your baby gets prepared with antibodies.

Don’t worry, her immune system learns to defend the body only by this exposure to germs. By coming in contact with different types of germs, it is learning to form antibodies against them and thus making her immunity stronger each day. A healthy immune system will ensure that your baby is protected against a number of diseases that may affect her proper growth and development at this stage.

Right nutrition is the key.

Her body’s nutritional requirements are much more than her small tummy’s capacity now. So, you must take proper care to add a variety of nutrient-dense foods to her diet. Nutrient-dense foods have more nutrients in each serve. These will help meet her increased nutritional requirements without adding too much volume to her diet.

A healthy immune system and nutrient dense foods will ensure that your baby is protected from diseases and has a healthy growth & development at this important stage of life. Be extra careful about her diet and let her freely explore the world around.

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