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Playing Outdoors

Playing Outdoors

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Outdoor playing is important for your toddler to be happy and healthy.

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Playing Outdoor Helps Physical Development

When your child actively participates in outdoor playing, it provides certain physical benefits, such as:

Don’t stop your child from running around in the garden. You can protect your child from getting hurt by providing safe places and making him/her ear knee and elbow pads.

Strong muscles and bones

Improved eye-hand coordination

Reduced risk of obesity, diabetes

Improved sleep

Playing Outdoor Helps Social and Emotional Development

Playing outdoors also helps your toddler in:

Making friends

Developing their imagination

Improving his or her self-confidence

Increasing concentration, positive attitude

Communicating with others

Ideas for Playing Outdoors

Play ball: While playing with varieties of balls your toddler learns to kick, throw and catch balls.

Treasure hunt: Let your toddler hunt for interesting things in the garden, such as stones, different types of leaves etc.

Sand play: Let your child get his or her hands dirty and make sand castles, sand cakes, etc.

Explore nature: Encourage your child to play with leaves and rocks. Help them to identify various trees, flowers, birds and bugs.

Fix a lunch date: Arrange group outings with other toddlers in a garden or park which will help your kid to interact with other kids.

Go for a ride: Take your child for a tricycle ride in a safe place.

Let loose: Allow your child to simply run around the garden or a safe play area.

Ensure Safety of your toddler while at Outdoor Play

Supervise from backside: Do not interfere unless there is a possibility of hurting himself or herself or someone.

Correct, when required: When your child is behaving dangerously, try to calm down him or her. Gently make him or her understand about the proper use of the object. If initial discouraging does not work, try to distract him or her with some other activities.

Safety from sun: To avoid the harmful UV rays apply good sunscreen on your kid before sending him or her outside and use protective eye wears.

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