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Planning for the Second Pregnancy

Planning for the Second Pregnancy

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Walking through the stages of pregnancy is an unforgettable experience for a woman. Are you planning for this beautiful journey again? Congratulation!

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

However, second pregnancy has some added responsibilities and considerations. Here are some issues you will need to consider:

Spacing between the children

The 1st thing that will come to your mind when you plan for the second pregnancy is the spacing between your children. Right spacing between kids will help you organize your life and plan for growing family.

Getting your first child ready for the new arrival

Your next concern will be about how to get your 1st child ready for the new arrival. Introducing your 1st child to the concept of sharing parents will need sensitive and positive handling. Don’t feel guilty that you won’t be able to spend the same amount of time with your 1st child. You are gifting him/her a friend for life.

Consult your doctor and start folic acid supplements before you conceive.

Managing your weight:

Most of the women put on weight after first pregnancy. If you are overweight, it is important tolose weight before you go ahead for second pregnancy. On the
other hand, if you are underweight, gain weight to avoid complications later. Maintaining a healthy weight will increase the chance of conceiving. Following 
regular exercise regime and a good preconception nutrition is will prepare your body for the second pregnancy.

Dealing with baby blues or Postpartum depression:

After delivery, women can experience a kind of distress which may last either for few days (baby blues) or longer period (Postpartum depression). If you had any one of these after your first child, it is better to consult doctor before you are getting pregnant.

Vaginal birth after cesarean delivery:

If you had a cesarean delivery earlier, you can have a vaginal delivery in your second pregnancy. Discuss with your doctor about your willingness for normal delivery.

Career concerns:

If you are a working woman, this is a crucial time to decide about your future career, how much time you can spend at the office etc. While planning for the second child, discuss with your husband and family regarding resuming your work after delivery. Find out if your employer offers special policies for working mothers.

Managing time:

With the arrival of the second child, your hands will be full and sleepless nights, unscheduled meal timings will be the part of your daily routine. Helping your 1st child get independent is important as you will always be short on time with the newborn’s arrival. Further, learn to manage time efficiently and develop a support system so that you can deal with the challenges that the growing family brings on.

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