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Places to Visit with Your Baby

Places to Visit with Your Baby

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Your kid is growing and so as your confidence and desire to venture out. There is no reason to keep your kid indoors all the time. It is absolutely fine to step out to get a good dose of fresh air.

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Take into consideration your child’s temperament and not just the age before you decide on any place to visit. Just be alert while out with your kid, even if you visit a familiar place or people.

Make your trip a success by keeping your kid engaged. If you don’t know what to do; simply talk about things around your kid such as ‘You have come to the park’, ‘You are swinging up in the sky’ etc.

Here are some ideas and tips to
help you plan your visit:


You may kick-off your outings with a visit to a religious place, if that’s your family tradition.

You can start by a stroll around your house or a nearby park. Your baby can gaze around while you relax.

You can visit a friend or a relative staying in the neighborhood so that you don’t have to travel a distance.

Take your baby for a ride. Time it right by stepping out when there is less traffic and the weather is neither too cold nor hot.

Be involved with your baby especially the younger ones. Ensure your baby is not neglected or left alone to gaze around. Sit by your baby’s side or at least keep talking intermittently so that your baby is assured that you are there beside by him/her.

Places to avoid: Crowded places such as malls, theatres, public gardens; places with no ramp access or good roads as it would be difficult to stroll around your baby in a stroller/pram. You wouldn’t want to get tired carrying the baby and baby’s accessories.


Take your baby to small gatherings with limited number of known people. Prefer a homely atmosphere so that you don’t expose your child to too many strange things.

A short trip to a grocery store can also make your child excited. You can show vibrantly coloured packets and varied shapes of different fruits & vegetables.

Places to avoid: Crowded places such as malls, theatres; places with no ramp access or good road, etc. Remember, your baby will be putting anything and everything into his mouth, so be vigilant where ever you go and ensure you or some responsible person is always watching over your baby.

Walker/ talker/toddler

Now that your child is walking you could visit varied places.

Let your child walk/run around the park. However, be careful around people especially children who are likely to pass on germs to your baby.

Now is the time to take them to theme parks that can introduce your child to different cartoon characters. Make sure the theme park you choose has sufficient rides for children of your baby’s age.

Toddlers can be taken out for a meal. Choose good restaurants which have kids’ menu, a play area or an aquarium or offer crayons to paint.

A routine paediatrician’s visit can also be made interesting by showing around new things. You can encourage your toddler to smile and say ‘hi’ to other children in the clinic.

You can also take your child to the play zone in malls. However, ensure the safety of play equipments and hygiene in such public places.

A day out to places such as zoo, garden, and park can also be stimulating for your child at this age.

An occasional family vacation to a distant place/home town is never boring. Make sure there are enough sightseeing spots that your child can enjoy.

Places to avoid: Places which can be intimidating for your child such as parks with too many big children, scary or too adventurous rides

Always be alert while out with your baby, even if you visit a familiar place or people. Take into consideration your child’s temperament and not just the age before you decide on any place to visit.

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