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Packing Food for Day Care

Packing Food for Day Care

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You are off to work and your child off to day care! Wondering how you should provide the same nourishment your child gets at home, at the day care.

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

By now your child has got used to complementary feeds. Your child has also acquired self-feeding skills and can use spoons and cups.

Let’s see some suggestions for packing food for your child’s day care:

You can pack about ¾ to 1 cup bowl (250 mL) of packed food.

Depending on the child’s regular meal schedule, pack a healthy meal or a snack for the time spent at the day care.

The foods should be easy to eat with fingers or spoon.

Some more points:
• Provide clean drinking water for the day care in easy sip container.
• Don’t give sweets, salty or spicy foods in the tiffin.
• Avoid giving chocolates and candies too.

Provide properly washed and cooked foods which will not get spoiled by the time your child eats.

Ensure that the packed food can retain its taste and texture even after being stored for more than couple of hours.

The packed tiffin should contain a variety of foods which are nutrient dense.

Foods to include: Nutrient dense foods which include grains, eggs, and dairy products like paneer and cheese, fruits and vegetables.

Foods to avoid: Junk foods that provide empty calories such as chips, biscuits, cheese balls, mini crackers etc should be avoided as your baby needs nutrient dense foods, foods with choking risks such as whole grapes, berries or nuts, popcorn, large cut raw vegetables, hard candies

Few Tiffin ideas

Small cubes of cheese, cooked vegetable lightly tossed in ghee/butter/olive oil and seasoned with little salt

Lightly toasted bread cut into small pieces, topped with cheese slice/thin layer of peanut butter. (Plain white bread can stick inside your child’s throat and pose risk of choking.)

Small cubed/crumbled paneer with small cooked pieces of carrots and potatoes

Poha with cooked potatoes

Small bite-sized fruit pieces such as banana, apple, chikoo, pear sprinkled with almond/nut powder or milk powder

Soft chapati or dosa spread with little ghee, nut powder and sugar cut into small bite size pieces

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