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Nutrients for Making your Toddler Stronger within

Nutrients for Making your Toddler Stronger within

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A child falling sick is not something new. However if your child keeps falling sick often then it can affect his/her growth and day to day functioning.

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Why is nutrition important for immunity?

Adequate intake of nutrients helps your toddler’s immune system work effectively. Our body’s 1st line of defense include skin, lining of digestive tract, mucus which prevents entry of germ in the body. There are special cells which kill germs that enter the body either by directly attacking them or by producing antibodies. Various nutrients are needed to maintain these immune functions in your toddler’s body.  

Nutrient deficiencies can:

Make your child more vulnerable to infections and diseases

Reduce your child’s food intake which in turn can lead to nutrient deficiency.

Give your toddler the power of ‘immuno-nutrients’ to fight infections and diseases!

Here are certain vitamins and minerals which play important role in improving the immune functions of your toddler’s body.

Nutrients important for your toddler’s 1st line of defense Nutrients important for immune cellsNutrients important for producing antibodies
Vitamin A, C, E, ZincVitamin A, C, D, B6, B12, E, Zinc, Selenium, copper, folic acidVitamin A, D, B6, B12, E, Zinc, Selenium, copper, folic acid

You can ensure your toddler gets all these nutrients by including a variety of foods in his daily diet. And yes…..don’t get worried of minor infections that your toddler might catch. These will also help build your toddlers resistance for the future.

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