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 Normal Vaginal Birth

Normal Vaginal Birth

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Some years back a vaginal birth was the only option a mother had. In case of emergencies, the doctor would suggest a C-Section. However, now mothers can choose to have a C-Section if they want. There are other options like water birth, also available.

Friday, January 13th, 2017

Here is a detailed discussion about normal childbirth.

What is meant by a Normal Vaginal Birth?

A natural/normal/vaginal birth is a birth that takes place without using any drugs or surgical methods. Most of the times, a normal birth is suggested over a Caesarean or water birth.

Role of a midwife: Normal birth is also called a vaginal birth and can even take place without a doctor’s help. In such cases, the midwife plays an important role because she is the one who looks after you throughout the delivery process and helps you achieve a natural birth.

Injection management: Many women prefer an injection for a smooth delivery of the placenta and this is generally known as “active management”.

Placenta delivery: The next best option is called “psychological management” where the placenta is delivered normally or as they say “naturally” without any injection.

What are the pros and cons of a vaginal birth?

Here are the advantages of a normal delivery.

A sense of achievement. Many mothers experience a strong sense of achievement after a normal birth. During the process of natural birth, the mothers have to endure severe pain. However, many first timers say that they would prefer a natural birth the next time as well.

Alertness. The absolutely no loss alertness or sensation. You will be fully conscious and aware during the labour and birth and remember the entire process of bringing your baby into the world.

Support and involvement from your husband. Your husband would also be involved in the process of birth and would help you in pain management.

Quick recovery. A normal birth doesn’t require the use of injections and results in quicker recovery.

No stitches. There are very less chances of stitches in case of a normal birth.

Here are the disadvantages of a normal childbirth.

Pain. Since there are no pain-management techniques involved, you will have to endure a prolonged labour.

Exhaustion. Constant contraction of rarely used muscles for long periods might just exhaust the mother completely.

How you are going to deliver your child depends on your individual factors. Remember, the joy of having a baby is more than any pain or complication.

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