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Night Shifts and Pregnancy Are there any risks involved

Night Shifts and Pregnancy Are there any risks involved

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Of late, night shifts at work have become as normal as 9-6 regular shift jobs.

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

But again, pregnancy has its own demands and once pregnant, you must take care of your body, the amount of rest it gets and your sleep pattern. You must not forget that apart from the obligations towards your workplace, you now have an added responsibility towards your baby.

Night shifts are not known to bring complications.

Although there is a lack of strong evidence against night shifts, researchers suggest that working at nights can lead to complications like pre and post term delivery and low birth weight of infants. Though there are women who have worked in night shifts all through their pregnancy and have had a normal and healthy delivery. Hence the connection between night shifts and pregnancy is yet to be established.

It’s advisable to avoid night shifts.

There is no doubt in the fact that normal body clock gets disrupted due to night shifts as the uterine activity is more active at nights. Hence, you may consider changing your shifts to day by explaining the situation to your seniors. Most of the time, companies do relax the timings for expecting mothers. But if it is not possible in your case, you must take some necessary precautions to avoid your schedule from interfering in the state of your pregnancy. Some of the precautions are as listed below

Sleep well during the day and relax in-between work. Since your nights are occupied with work, try to sleep as much as possible during daytime and also on the weekends. Even while working at night, keep taking frequent breaks. Don’t work all night long. You can stretch a bit, relax and close your eyes for a while in-between work to avoid fatigue. Try to fit in meditation in your schedule. It helps you relax and keeps fresh throughout the day.

Take care of water and food intake. Drink a lot of water to keep your system hydrated Buttermilk, shakes and fresh fruit and vegetable juices must be necessarily included in your diet.

Also, keep healthy snacks like nuts, protein bars and fruits handy to satisfy your appetite.

Exercise to keep fit. Exercising for at least 30 minutes a day in short spans of 10 minutes. Working out frequently during the course of the day helps keep off fatigue and increases the appetite. It also helps you to sleep well, which is very important. Consult your doctor before starting any exercise regimen.

Take it easy with comfortable clothing. Wear loose fitted comfortable clothes that helps you breathe easy. Choose the fabric that suits you the most, preferably cotton and linen. Keep your posture straight and comfortable. If you have to sit all night long then you need to make your seat comfortable enough for you. Above all, you must seek flexibility at work during pregnancy. Ask for help from your seniors and colleagues by explaining the situation to them. If working from home and leaving early sometimes is possible, avail the benefit.

Ask your doctor. Most importantly, ask your doctor to advise you on how to manage your schedule properly. Because your body behaves differently from others, your doctor is in a better position to suggest you the perfect routine.

Good habits can make even the most strenuous schedule less hazardous. Night shifts are tough to carry out especially when you are pregnant. But if you don’t have an option to avoid them, make sure you follow the aforementioned habits to keep your pregnancy healthy

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