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My Child Lisps

My Child Lisps

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Lisp is a speech disorder in which your child cannot say letters ‘s’ and ‘z’ and thus replaces those sounds with ‘th’.

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Why does Lisping Occur?

Lisping can be due to excessive thumb sucking. Children who suck their fingers and thumbs excessively might end up in pushing their teeth out of their normal position. This interferes with the correct formation of certain speech sounds, which results in lisping.

What to do if my Child Lisps?

Your support and encouragement is very important to help your child. Try the following tips.

Avoid criticizing or scolding your child. These actions of yours will only make your child more self-conscious and will worsen the problem.

Be patient and listen to your child. Do not distract your child while talking. Concentrate on what your child is saying rather than on how it is being said.

Never make fun of your child or laugh at him or her.

Never allow others to pass comments or try and correct your child.

Assure your child that you are aware of the situation and are concerned. Never show signs that you are upset. Always maintain proper eye contact with your child while conversing. This will boost his or her self confidence.

When to Seek Help?

One way to prevent lisping in your child is not letting your child to suck his or her thumb or fingers.

It is perfectly normal for a child to lisp till 4 and half years of age. If your child continues lisping even after 4 and half years of age, then he or she needs to be taken to a speech therapist .

Your child’s therapist will show your child on how to make the proper sounds. He or
she will in fact demonstrate the sounds and will ask your child to copy the way he or she moves the mouth, lips and tongue to make the correct sound. The main treatment involves practice.

Your child’s speech therapist might ask your child to make these sounds by looking at a mirror as practicing with mirrors is found to be helpful. Some therapists might use games to make the practice more fun.

Remove all negative emotions, and make your child to follow the therapist’s instructions. Very soon you will notice that your child is able to speak without lisping.

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