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My Baby Uses Sign Language Is it Normal

My Baby Uses Sign Language Is it Normal

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Are you worried that your child has not started to talk yet and instead uses signs to communicate?

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Some kids don’t talk, but use sign language, even though they are normal otherwise. However, in some kids, there may be a problem that is stopping them from speaking.

Knowing the milestones of speech development will help you understand where does your baby stand and help you take the right decision.

Reasons why your Child May be Using Sign Language:

A developmental delay that is making it difficult for your child to understand and process information.

Limited vocabulary development causing difficulty in putting words together to form a sentence.

Weak mouth muscles

Problems with hearing

Breathing problems

Whenever your child uses sign language, name the object or action your child wishes to communicate about. Keep repeating it to your child.

Warning Signs to Seek Help:

Talk to your doctor or speech therapist as early as possible if:

Your child has an unusual tone or a nasal voice.

Your child is 18 months old and still prefers gestures instead of words.

Your child has trouble imitating sounds and understanding simple vocal requests at 18 months of age.

He or she cannot use words to tell you his or her immediate needs even at 2 years of age.

You cannot understand even half of what your child says by age 2.

How can Speech Therapists Help?

A speech therapist will:

Examine your child’s mouth, tongue, palate, etc. and let you know if surgery is needed.

Interact with your child using pictures, books or toys.

Show your child how to move his or her tongue to produce a sound.

Teach your child exercises involving the jaw, tongue, lips and face.

Teach you how to train your child at home.

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