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My Baby is not Standing Should I be Concerned

My Baby is not Standing Should I be Concerned

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In babies, standing is an important milestone for movement. By the age of 7 months, your baby can start bearing his or her body weight when held in a standing position. As muscle development continues, your baby can stand with support between 9 and 12 months.

Friday, April 7th, 2017

When to Seek Advice from a Doctor?

Do not use a walker to encourage your baby to stand. Walkers can cause delay in standing by not strengthening the group of muscles required for sitting, crawling or walking.

  • As a mother, it is obvious to be worried as you see your baby’s peers standing and trying to walk, but it is important to understand that all children develop at their own pace. But, you certainly need to consult a doctor if your baby is not crawling by the age of 11–12 months and not standing with support.
  • Contact your doctor if the baby’s hand coordination is not satisfactory.

Tips on Handling the Problem

  • Firstly, give your baby time while keeping a watch on his or her gross motor skills.
  • A lot babies hit their milestones a little late. Discuss the issue with the doctor during general check-ups.
  • Some babies might not crawl or stand due to low muscle tone. To strengthen the muscle, the paediatric physiotherapist may advice sessions of exercises.
  • Encourage your baby to reach out for her or his favourite toys while supporting her or him.

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