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My Baby is not Crawling Should I be Concerned

My Baby is not Crawling Should I be Concerned

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In general, babies start crawling anywhere between 6-12 months. Crawling is a complex process during which babies need to coordinate the movements of their arms and legs and support their body weight on the arms and legs.

Friday, April 7th, 2017

Different children reach their milestones at different times. But as a mother, you may be worried to see your little one not crawling even at 8-9 months.

However, there is no Reason to be Concerned if your Child:

Encourage crawling by giving your baby ample tummy time; let him or her wriggle on the floor to get a toy. However, avoid walkers and bouncers at this age.

  • Has reached the other milestones on time and is showing ample interest in his or her surroundings
  • Rolls from stomach to back

  • Can move from belly position to sitting position on his or her own
  • Is sitting up without your support for a few minutes
  • Tries to pull himself or herself along with the forearms during tummy time.

Encourage your Baby to Crawl by:

  • Providing an open space to wriggle around. Restricting your child’s space to the play area may discourage his or her movement instincts.
  • Placing toys directly in front of him or her (and not on the sides), so that your child has to turn and rotate his or her body to reach for them.
  • Discussing his or her developmental milestones with the paediatrician during general check-ups. Some babies may start crawling by 10 months while others may
    first try to stand, slowly cruise and then walk.

Remember, there is a huge variation on when a child switches over from his tummy time to crawling on his fours. If your child is not showing enough interest in the things that is, mentioned above, you should consult a paediatrician who may further refer you to a paediatric physical therapist.

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