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Motor Developmental Milestones up to 8 Months of Age

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Motor development is a part of your child’s physical development, which is divided into gross motor skills and fine motor skill. Fine motor skills refer to the development of small muscle movements of the hands and fingers. Fine motor skills involve using hands to eat, or pick up small items.

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

Gross motor skills refer to the development of large muscles in the legs and arms, which your kid uses to sit or stand.

Between 6 and 8 Months of age, your baby can sit:

Consider consulting your child’s doctor immediately, if your child
• Is not able to roll over in either direction
• Is not trying to get things that are within reach, or has difficulty getting things to mouth
• Seems very stiff.

  • Without support
  • In a high chair, which have got a straight back
  • On the floor with lower back support

Other Motor Developmental Milestones that your Baby Might Achieve by this Age Include

  • Rolling over from front to back or back to front. Sometimes, your baby can even crawl backward before moving forward
  • Picking up dropped objects
  • Trying to stand by putting weight on the legs and might bounce

Taking a print out of (or noting down) these milestones to your child’s doctor and discussing with him or her about the milestones that your child has reached might be helpful. You can also discuss with your doctor on what to expect next.

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