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Motor Development Milestones in Your Little One

Motor Development Milestones in Your Little One

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Congrats! Your child is now walking and all set to explore the world around. While walking is definately a great achievement in motor development milestones, look for other milestones in your child.

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Here are Some Motor Development Milestones to Look For in Your Child:

Tips for your walker:
• Provide toys that can be pulled or pushed safely
• Give balls to him or her to kick, roll and throw
• Encourage your child to drink from a cup
• Motivate your child to be more active

Gross motor skills (Larger movements)Fine motor skills (Smaller actions)
By 13 months:
Walks with arms held high
Drinks from cup with some spilling at around 13 months and may; Drinks from a cup
By 14 months:
Can walk well
Removes socks and shoes
By 15 months:
Can hold a toy while walking
Can attempt to climb on furniture
Eats with a spoon
Tries to comb own hair
By 16 months:
Walks upstairs with one hand held
Can walk backwards
Feteches and carries objects
Scribbles spontaneously
By 18 months:
Can run well
Can throw ball while standing
Can crudely imitate vertical strokes Climb up an adult chair without help, removes clothes

Once your child starts moving, your constant supervision is important to keep him or her safe. Check the safety of the area where your child is playing to avoid any accidents or injury.

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