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Milestones other than Talking

Milestones other than Talking

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You must have marked the day when your child spoke the first word and since then your child has been learning new words every day. However, watch out for milestones other than talking such as walking, running, etc. Look for the following developmental milestones in your child when he or she starts talking.

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Other Developmental Milestones in the Talker

Social or Emotional Development

Encourage your child to play with blocks, puzzles and name-games. These activities will help your child achieve the developmental milestones.

Your child now imitates others actions, particularly those of adults and older children.

You might notice resistance and aggressiveness in his or her behaviour.

Your kid acts independently and gets excited in the company of other children.

Development of Learning, Thinking and Problem-solving Skills

By age 2, your kid is able to identify different shapes, colours and body parts and can name objects in a picture book such as “toy”, “cat”, “bag”, etc.

He or she can follow two-step instructions. For example, "pick up the ball and keep it in your toy basket."

Your kid will now be able to complete sentences and recite rhymes.

Your child plays make-believe games and builds a tower using 4 or more blocks.

Physical Development

Your child is more active and has begun to run, walk up and down the stairs and stand on tiptoes.

He or she is able to kick a ball and throw it overhand.

Keep a track of your child’s day-to-day activities and developmental milestones. If you are concerned about your child’s growth, discuss the matter with your doctor immediately.

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