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Milestones for Language Development

Milestones for Language Development

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It is such a pleasure to hear “mama” from the baby. Language development in your baby relies on hearing,imitating and relating sounds with different objects, understanding key words and auditory memory of your child. Your child’s speech and language milestones can vary compared to their peers.

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017


Your child will say 1–2 meaningful words like mama, dada and loves to imitate new sounds and words.

Gestures and vocalisation are the main methods of communication now, apart from crying.

He or she will enjoy looking at books and babbling. Your child may use a single ‘b’ for ball, butter and bath. He or she can wave and say “bye”.


Speech and language are developing really fast now.

Your baby can meaningfully use 10–20 words in a mixed up fashion. It is funny to see your child echo last word of each sentence; this shows his or her auditory memory is increasing.

Your child can now express emotions, greetings, and needs to some extent.

Your child can integrate intonation and rhythm in his or her speech.

Your child will learn to speak with eye contact and interactions will become more complex and lengthier.

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