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Milestones for Emotional Development in Your Baby

Milestones for Emotional Development in Your Baby

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Your baby is able to understand the special relationship with you and others. Emotional development is important, as your baby will be able to freely explore the surroundings only when he or she feels secure both emotionally and physically.

Friday, April 7th, 2017

The key to emotional development is a strong and positive relationship with your baby.

Here are some emotional developmental milestones that your baby achieves by this stage:

One of the emotional development milestones for babies of this age is stranger anxiety. To deal with it, inform your friends or any visitors in advance and teach them about ways to approach your child like approaching slowly and calmly.

  • Feels shy or nervous with strangers
  • Cries if you or his or her dad leaves
  • Has his or her own favourite things and people
  • Shows sensitivity to someone’s approval or disapproval
  • Develops the ability to trust or belief

How to Build a Strong and Positive Relationship with Your Baby?

Build a strong and positive relationship by offering your child consistent support, care and response. Other ways to strengthen the bond between you and your baby are

  • Talk to your baby while doing simple routine things like giving bath or massaging
  • Play imitation games
  • When your baby falls or is hurt, ensure to hug and calm him or her; this gives them a feeling of assurance that mom is always there for him or her in difficult times.

Remember, every child is unique. Some are cheerful and adaptable to every situation, while others might be moody and might get easily distressed. As a parent, you play a vital role in your child’s emotional development to ensure your child an emotionally healthy future. All the best!

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