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Mental Development Milestones in Your Little One

Mental Development Milestones in Your Little One

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Your baby is slowly mastering new skills that reflect his or her developing mental capacity. Your baby is learning, thinking and figuring out ways of doing things. It will give you an immense sense of pleasure and achievement to be part of your baby’s growth and development.

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Here are Some Mental Development Milestones to Look for in your Baby:

Problem solving Self-help skills Self-help skills
By 13 months:
Can reach around obstacles to get a toy Can uwrap a toy hidden in cloth
Can relate to ordinary things such as spoon, cup, brush, etc.
By 15 months:
Can turn pages Put circle in single shape puzzles
Uses bruch to comb own hair Can use spoon with some spilling
By 16 months:
Finds objects observed to be hidden under layers of coverings
Can pick up the cup and drink Fetches and carries objects
By 18 months: Can match paired-objects Can place circle in shape after it is being turned around after some trial and errorCan take-off clothes Can sit on an adult chair with out help

Now, your baby can also:

Play these games with your baby:
hide stuff and let your child find it
play with blocks, puzzles, books and toys
play with dolls or play telephones for pretend play
name body parts and pictures in books

Points to a body part

Is interested in pretending to feed a doll or stuffed animal

Wants to get the attention of other people by pointing

If given a pencil, pen or chalk, will scribble with it

Can follow commands without any gestures, like when you say “sit down”, he or she sits

Encourage and support your child to help him or her develop the necessary mental skills. This is the time to mould your child’s skills with the right techniques.

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