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Mental Development Milestones and Your 7 to 10 Month Old Baby

Mental Development Milestones and Your 7 to 10 Month Old Baby

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At 7- to 10- months, your baby is curious about things and starts exploring the world around him or her. Your baby’s feeding habits also change by this time.

Friday, April 7th, 2017

Here are Some Mental Development Milestones to Look for in a Baby At 10 Months.

Play hide-and-seek with your baby. Roll things (a toy car or container) back and forth or roll a ball to show cause and effect. Interact with your baby and be nearby when he or she tries to move around.

  • Your baby watches the path of a falling object. For example, if you throw a ball, he or she will observe the movement.
  • If you hide something, your baby will look for it.
  • He or she plays peek-a-boo.
  • Your baby puts things in the mouth.
  • Your baby moves things smoothly from one hand to the other
  • He or she picks up small things between the thumb and index finger
  • Your supervision is important, once your baby begins to move around and puts things in the mouth. Avoid keeping small objects like rings, buttons, etc. near your child. 
    Let your child be safe while he or she is exploring things .

Nutrition plays an important role in achieving these milestones. Micronutrient deficiency during the early years of life can significantly affect overall development of your child. Out of the different micronutrients, iron and iodine are crucial during the early years of life for the optimal development of your baby’s cognitive function. Therefore, make sure that the complementary foods you introduce to your child by six months of age (consult your pediatrician for the introduction of complementary foods) is nutritionally adequate to meet the increasing nutritional needs. Studies have shown that feeding your child with only traditional family food (made up of grains and legumes only) comprising of majorly vegetarian diet may increase the risk of developing micronutrient deficiencies. Therefore, the food of the child should be nutritionally complete as per his/her growing needs. This may be achieved by including fortified food in your child’s diet, which may help your child to achieve the developmental milestones at the appropriate time.

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