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Maternity Benefits Making Profession and Pregnancy Ally

Maternity Benefits Making Profession and Pregnancy Ally

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Cravings instantly met with tantalizing treats, delight of holding and expecting the bundle of joy, getting pampered by family and relatives, the shower of blessings and gifts - pregnancy is undoubtedly the best reason to celebrate womanhood.

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

Even in offices and workplaces, expecting mothers are entitled to certain benefits like flexible schedule, early timings and less of travel etc.

Avail government-laid benefits.

Government endows the Maternity Benefits Act, supporting the benefits and preserving the rights of pregnant women. The Maternity Benefits Act, introduced in 1961 by the Government of India, ensures certain benefits for the pregnant women, like preserving their jobs while they go on fixed leaves for delivery and after birth. Needless to say, every woman has the right to avail the benefit of maternity leaves. No matter which organization you work for, you automatically become entitled for this benefit once you become pregnant.

Learn more about your rights.

 If you are a working woman, pregnant or planning for a baby, you must know the nitty-gritty of the benefits you can avail during the pregnancy period.

Twelve weeks of paid leaves: A woman can enjoy the maternity benefit of up to twelve weeks, including six weeks up to the day of the delivery and six weeks post it. During this period, a mother is entitled to pay as per her average daily wage. You are entitled for the benefits of maternity only if you have worked in your establishment for a period of 160 days in twelve months immediately prior to the date of delivery.

Benefits in the event of miscarriage: In the event of miscarriage, you have the right to avail the leave with wages as per the act for as long as 6 weeks, starting immediately from the date of miscarriage. Furthermore, if you happen to encounter any illness due to pregnancy, miscarriage, delivery and premature birth, you are granted leave for a full month to add on to the maternity leave. Plus, you can also keep nursing your baby till she is 15 months. You are provided two breaks of prescribed duration in course of your daily work.

It’s wise to be informed: The government-laid benefits are always there for the expecting mothers. Certain organizations grant few additional benefits like allowing flexible timings. With the aid of internet, working from home can also be an option for the expecting mothers who find it difficult to commute during pregnancy. There can be more benefits. Hence you must always keep yourself informed of the benefits your company provides.

Right information can bring you peace and security.

There is not a shred of doubt that Maternity Benefits have made life amazingly easy for working mothers. The sense of security and relaxation has made the phase even more delightful. The government as well as your organization has laid out plans to make that crucial phase of your life easier and safer for you. Get in touch with the Human Resource Department of your company to know more about the benefits offered and make the most of those beautiful days with your bundle of joy.

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