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Managing time with the new baby

Managing time with the new baby

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During the first few months of your baby, time for yourself will come far and in between. You can become caught up between wanting to shower all your love and attention to your little one and the guilt of sparing some of it for yourself. A little bit of time management can change your life.

Friday, March 10th, 2017

No time for yourself: The initial months of your baby’s growing up will leave you with very little time for anything else, least yourself. Like every mother across the world you would like to do nothing more. But one fine morning you wake up and realize that time has just flown by and there has been little or nothing that you have done for yourself or even others. It is normal and absolutely understandable that the young one has taken up all the time you could have managed.

Overcome your guilt: You are burdened by guilt if you are a working mother, when your life is just split between the time you devote to your career and all the rest of it to your baby. Of course the little one needs all the attention you can garner, especially when she is only a couple of weeks or months old. But you should not harbor any guilt at devoting a little time to your family, friends and yourself. You must remember that it is important for yourself and the baby as she grows older that you have a balance maintained.

Manage your time: Take a moment to give your life a thought and how you want it to be. Some simple methods in time management can alter everything and improve the quality of our life.

Your day begins when the little darling dozes off: Plan your day according to your baby’s sleep cycle. Familiarize yourself with the times when she takes her nap and get your work done as she sleeps.

Plan for what lies ahead in the week: You will need to plan your week in advance. Make a list of the things you need to attend to, prioritize according to immediacy and you are well-armed.

Do not hesitate to ask for help: You cannot possibly do everything all by yourself. Ask your partner, members of your family and friends to help out. Your partner can help with the household duties or he may take care of the baby in the mornings and the evenings while you attend to your work.

A few minutes will do the trick: Each day set aside about 10-15 minutes just for you. Exercise or devote some time to relieve the stress. It will rejuvenate you and you will be able to take care of your tasks better.

You can cater to every little aspect in your life, only if you learn how to split the little time you have wisely. You will in fact find yourself less stressed or guilt ridden.

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