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Learning the Mother Tongue An Added Advantage

Learning the Mother Tongue An Added Advantage

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While you raise your child in a multilingual environment, you may wonder: which language should you teach your child? Should you teach him or her your mother tongue? Or, is it better to stick to English so that your baby finds it easy in school?

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Advantages of Learning the Mother Tongue

Don’t worry! According to experts, kids can learn two or more languages at the same time. So you can teach your kid both English as well as your mother tongue. In fact, exposing your child to multiple languages can improve your child’s creativity, problem-solving skills and capacity to learn more languages in the future.

Tell your baby stories in the mother tongue to encourage his or her love towards learning the language.

Learning the mother tongue has other advantages too:

Your baby can easily communicate with grandparents and relatives and thus bond with them in no time.

Your baby can enjoy books and TV programs in the mother tongue. This will expose your baby to your culture and family traditions.

Many schools offer foreign languages as subjects. Having mastered the mother tongue at home, your child can have an added advantage of knowing how to learn a new language.

Last but not the least, learning the mother tongue will instill a strong sense of identity in your child and make him or her feel proud of his culture and heritage.

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