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Language Development Milestones in Your Little One

Language Development Milestones in Your Little One

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Your baby is now able to stand. He is slowly growing into an individual and learning to communicate. You will be eagerly waiting for your baby to start speaking. All you need to do is talk and listen to your baby as much as you can.

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Knowing milestones for language development will help you tell whether your baby is on the right track.

By your baby’s first birthday, he/she can:

Follow and understand simple one-step instructions such as “come here”

To encourage language development, build on what your baby says or points at. For example, if your baby points at a bus or says “bus”, you build on it by saying, ”yes, that’s a big red bus.”

Say “mama” and “dada” and exclamations like “uh-oh!”

Use simple gestures to communicate like shaking the head for “no” or waving for “bye-bye”

Make sounds with changes in tone

Combine lots of sounds such as “abada baduh abee” as though he or she is talking

Respond to simple spoken requests

Try and imitate the words you say

Say three or more words

Try and catch your attention with gestures or sounds.

Turn or look at something you point to

Print or note down these milestones and talk about them with your child’s doctor at every visit. Disussing the language development milestones your child has reached and knowing what to expect next is important for understanding your childs growth and development.

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