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 Lamaze Getting Ready for Birth

Lamaze Getting Ready for Birth

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The Lamaze method is a popular childbirth approach that teaches expecting parents that birth is a normal, natural and healthy process. Lamaze does not encourage or discourage the use of drugs and other routine medical interventions during the course of labour or delivery.

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

Lamaze approaches even encourage your partner to participate in the labour and delivery process

Lamaze classes focus on normal method of labour and birth, and strategies that you can use to help your labour progress.

How it helps you?

If you are interested in joining a Lamaze class, do ask your doctor about it or you can also ask your friends who have given birth recently.

It mainly aims to educate you about the available options, which will help you to take informed decisions during labour.
Increases confidence in you to give birth and to reduce fear.
The classes will also help you understand the physiology of giving birth and will help you understand as to what is happening. The classes will also help a pregnant woman to make informed choices about medical procedures and pain relief during labour.

Lamaze classes focus on simple coping strategies for labour such as:

Relaxation techniques
Focused breathing
Moving and positioning: Practice various positions, which will facilitate the normal progress of labor and birth
Massage techniques to ease the pain of labour and enhance relaxation
Labour support

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