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Know Your Child’s Senses

Your child learns about the world around through sensory inputs. Sensory development refers to development of five senses which includes sense of hearing, tasting, touching, smelling and seeing.

Here are some of the milestones of sensory development in 6 to 12 months child:

Senses By 6 months By 9 months By 12 months
Vision Can turn his or her head to chase a toy
Can look from one object to the other
Colour vision is well developed
Develops the ability to see objects clearly also known as 20/20 vision. This skill usually develops around 4 months of age.
Can track objects moving at different speeds as well as on complex paths. This skill usually develops around 5 months.
Notices small objects and shows interest in looking at pictures
Will be able to recognize objects which are hidden partially
Have developed the perception of depth.
Will be able to detect familiar objects from an incomplete drawing
Can recognize people by looking through the window
Recognizes people in pictures.
Hearing Can respond to sound of speech by stop playing and by becoming silent
Can turn his or her head on both sides to trace a source of sound
Can be able to differentiate musical tones
Can identify a sound location more accurately
Becomes sensitive to syllable stress patterns in own language.
Responds to levels of speech which are soft

On hearing a “NO”, will temporarily stop doing action.
Can turn and find sounds in any directions

Can screen sounds which were not used in native language.
Senses By 6–9 months By 12 months
Taste and Smell Prefers salty taste to plain water

Changes his or her taste preferences readily through experience.
Tries a variety of new tastes

Shows his or her likes and dislikes towards tastes and smells

May reject food at mere sight of it.

May stop eating foods he/she used eat earlier.
Touch Explores most objects with the heklp of his or her mouth

Enjoys being touch or tickled.
Explore a variety of textures by using his or her hands as well as by mouth.

Uses his or her hands to show frustration or even to get attention. To show that he or she might even start hiting you.

Let senses open the world of experiences for your child.

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