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Key Ingredients for 12-24 Month-old Babies.

Key Ingredients for 12-24 Month-old Babies.

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As your child enters his/her second year, a lot has changed. Your toddler has had its first solid meal, he/she has started learning self-feeding methods and has made initial attempts at walking. The baby’s physical and social skills have begun to develop.

Monday, July 23rd, 2018

Toddlers between the age group of 12-24 months are extremely active. They show great excitement in learning new things. They often imitate adults and make attempts at crawling, walking, making sounds. Their curiosity knows no bound.

There also comes a change in the toddler’s diet. After all, the food should be enough to provide energy for the toddler’s exertions. We provide you with some of the must-have ingredients in a toddler’s diet.

1. Fruits and vegetables

Rich in minerals, vitamins and fibres, fruits and vegetables are excellent food choices for a 12-month-old. Offer fruits and vegetables more than juices to your little explorer since fibre is equally important along with nutrients. If, for some reason, the baby dislikes fruits and vegetables, you can extract juice and include them in your child’s diet.

Ditch products laced with preservatives and artificial sweeteners. Also, serve juices in limited quantity so that your baby has space for other food items. Remember, sipping juices for an extended period of time can cause tooth decay.

You can prepare fruits and vegetables in several ways− cooked, chopped, steamed, grated, salads, raw. This allows your baby to experience different taste and flavours and to develop biting and chewing abilities.

2. Grain products

A wide variety of grain and grain products can be served to toddlers. These products are rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. These are essential nutrients much needed in the early years of growth.

Cereals and grains such as jowar, bajra, oats, rice, ragi, barley, wheat, rajgira make excellent nutritious food for your baby. Along with nutrients, they provide your baby with the energy to carry on its adventures.

You can also include pulses like rajma, white chana, green peas and lentils in your child’s eating regimen. Since nourishment is a priority, these foods fulfil your child’s need for essential nutrients.

3. Milk and milk products

Include milk in your child’s diet. It contains most of the essential nutrients required by a growing child. Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals− milk has them all. Most importantly, the vitamin D and Calcium in the milk helps your child develop stronger bones and muscles.

Around this time, you can also introduce milk products like cheese and yoghurt.

Adequate nourishment is extremely important, especially at a stage where the body undergoes rapid growth changes. Hence, nutrient-rich complementary food are a must for a 12-month-old baby. Include fortified baby cereals in your baby’s diet. Packed with essential nutrients, a bowl of fortified baby cereals help in the healthy development of your child.


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