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Keep trying rejected foods

Keep trying rejected foods

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When you first offer your baby a new food, don’t worry if she makes a face. She may simply be telling you that she doesn’t recognise the food. All babies are born with an inclination to reject new foods. That doesn’t mean you have to stop trying.

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

In fact, research shows that it takes a baby up to 10 to 15 exposures before she may decide whether she likes a food. So have patience.

Here are some other tips for introducing new foods.

Mix and match: Try a new food along with a familiar food, even mixing the two. For example, if your baby likes bananas, introduce peaches by mixing them with bananas

Give her time: When introducing a new food, wait for your baby to open her mouth and just touch the tip of the spoon to her lip

Make it enjoyable: Make eating a positive experience. Avoid pressuring her to try a new food

Respect her responses: Mind your baby’s signals; stop when she’s done, even if it’s after just a taste

Set a good example: If you wrinkle your nose at a food or refuse to eat it, your baby may react the same way

It’s a gradual process by which your baby gets accustomed to new food. Neither hurry up nor lose patience. Give your baby the time to cope up with the change. And see her grow with a smile!

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