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 Iron Supports Normal Development of the Immune System1

Iron Supports Normal Development of the Immune System

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Are you concerned that your baby is falling sick frequently? If your baby is falling ill quite often, it may indicate that his/her body is not fully capable of fighting against infections.

Monday, February 27th, 2017

Your baby’s defense or immune system is immature at birth, and develops gradually as the body adapts to challenges from the external environment. Therefore, remember that newborns, infants, and children are likely to catch infections easily.

Adequate nutrition may help your baby fight against infections

Several nutrients help in the normal development of the immune system. Feed him/her with foods containing nutrients such as iron, zinc, vitamin C (orange, papaya, fresh lemon juice ) and vitamin D (egg yolk, fish, liver etc.), which are essential for the normal growth, development and functioning of the immune system.Vitamin C also helps in improving iron absorption. These nutrients will contribute towards a balanced nutrition and help in shaping your baby’s immune system.

Iron is a key nutrient required for the development of your little one’s immune system:

Iron helps in the production and multiplication of cells that help fight infections. Iron is also an important component of enzymes that are important for the normal functioning of immune cells.If your baby’s diet does not contain iron in sufficient quantities, it may reduce his/her capacity to fight infections.

So, from now on, remember to include foods with sufficient iron in your baby’s food to ensure that he /she remains healthy.

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