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Introducing Variety in Your Child’s Diet

Introducing Variety in Your Child’s Diet

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Toddlers are at a phase of transition from infant food to adult food. So as a parent, your job is to keep introducing them to new foods with new flavours and textures. Since food preferences are developed early in life, you can help your child develop a taste for healthy foods.

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Children are often reluctant to try new foods. Making your child participates in shopping, meal planning, food preparation and serving can help your child accept new foods.

Things to Remember while Introducing Variety

Gradually introduce new foods into your child’s diet.

Choose only one or two foods at a time.

Offer your child food that is tasty and that looks good

Give importance to your child’s preferences for taste and texture.

Remember to introduce foods that are rich in nutrients to help your child grow.

Steps in Introducing New Food in Your Child’s Diet

1. Sight: Place a small amount of the new food on your child’s plate. Let him or her see it. Don’t force him or her to eat it.

2. Touch: Encourage your child to touch the food and talk about what the food feels like.

3. Smell: Talk about what the food smells like.

4. Lick: Ask your child to take a quick lick of the food. Ask him/her to increase the number of licks.

5. Taste: Encourage your child to taste the food and talk to him/her about the taste.

6. Bite: Ask your child to take a small bite of the food.

7. Chew: Ask your child to put a small piece of the food between the back teeth and chew it.

8. Swallow: Ask your child to swallow the food or “make the food disappear”.

Children learn by example. Following healthy eating habits as a parent may help your child follow your lead.

Remember: Your child has a small tummy. So select and serve foods that have a lot of nutrients.

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