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Interactive Games and Activities For Your Baby

Interactive Games and Activities For Your Baby

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Playing is an important part of a baby’s physical and mental growth. It is the time when your baby actually learns about her surroundings, different objects and the ways to use them, behavior of people around her and various things about her environment

Friday, April 7th, 2017

Participate in Games and Activities with Your Baby. It is important for parents and other family members to bond with their babies. Participating in various activities with the baby gives them this opportunity. It helps parents understand their levels of cognitive development and motor skills, which in turn enables them to help their babies grow better. You can use the playtime of your baby to enhance her logical thinking.

Interactive Games Build Mental and Emotional Power. To understand thoughts, babies need to understand words. Playing with objects develops their imaginative power. Interacting with family members and hearing them talk develops their linguistic abilities.

Playing Helps in Physical Growth of Your Baby. Engaging in various games helps in the physical development of your baby. Involve your baby in activities like running, swinging, climbing, skipping, jumping etc. This helps the baby gain control of her body and improves her vision considerably.

Imitating Adults. By the age of 18 months, babies begin to imitate adults. They develop greater interest in toys like dolls, dollhouses, cars, gardening sets, building blocks, kitchen sets, reading and writing tools etc. They also start paying attention to general household things like cleaning equipments, kitchen utensils, TV/AC remotes and phones.

Every Baby has a Toy Story. Most babies are extremely fond of dolls and figurines. These toys act as family members in miniature sizes for babies. Babies also mimic parents, siblings, domestic helps and friends through these dolls. They comprehend human emotions through dolls and figurines and tend to re-live what they have done that day with the dolls. All babies have a favorite toy, which they relate to the most. They may imitate you by giving bath to that toy or pretend reading out a storybook to it.

Water Recreation. Babies love water! You can invest in some blow up pools for your baby to have fun in. Bubbles also fascinate babies, but you should be very careful when your baby is playing with bubbles. Make sure your baby does not ingest any soap solution while playing. You can also take your baby for swimming provided you have an appropriate swimming gear for her.

Creative Activities For Your Baby.

Babies love to hold pencils, brushes, crayons, chalks etc. and just scribble wherever they get an opportunity. They also love fiddling with various objects that are lying around in the house. Use this interest of your baby to the best.

Drawing and Coloring. Provide her with drawing sheets or cover the walls with white boards so that she can scribble to her heart’s content. However, it is important to make your baby aware of the rules regarding the places where she can use her crayons freely. Help your baby follow these rules to cultivate discipline.

Creating Shapes Develops Dexterity. Give blocks, clay and paper to your baby and enjoy the funny shapes she makes out of them. You can also teach her to make the right shapes by showing a picture book or demonstrating a few yourself. These activities help babies in developing finger control, dexterity and eye-hand co-ordination.

Painting Patterns Using Everyday Things. Allow your baby to use chopped vegetables, feathers, cotton balls, wool, sponges, toothbrush, old combs etc for painting. This way she learns a lot about shapes, patterns and symmetry.

Babies Play Make-Believe Games. Babies love to imitate the adult world. Many-a-times you may find your baby playing with a chair covered with her blanket and her doll lying inside it. It is just an imitation of your baby’s crib. These activities help them learn and comprehend all the daily activities that a person has to carry out.

Messy Learning. Many-a-times you wonder what is so fascinating about emptying a bucket of mud in water or pushing a ball inside a water tub, watching it coming back to the surface, pushing it in again and repeating the cycle several times. Actually this is how babies understand the usage of various materials. Encourage such activities, as these are great learning opportunities for your baby. Just remember to clean up your baby after play.

Sound of Music. Babies love variations in volume, pitch, beats and voice modulations in songs. They even enjoy different sounds that are generated by opening and closing of lids of utensils. They are extremely fond of rhythms, can quickly catch tunes and love humming and dancing to them. Music enhances hearing abilities and body control of your baby.

Encourage Your Baby to Help You Around in the House.

Make your baby participate in activities around the house. This makes them feel like a part of the family and help them acquire a sense of responsibility. Giving a hand in small kitchen chores like picking up vegetables, helping out in the garden and cleaning the house etc. are some activities that babies love to do. These activities enhance the cognitive, motor, perceptual and linguistic development of your baby.

Games and Activities Make Babies Happy and Confident.

Interactive games and activities help in the overall growth of babies in many ways. Let your baby explore and learn by spending more and more time in playing with toys and objects. Interact with your baby and make her aware of all the wonderful things in this world. Keep her busy in simple and fun games and watch her grow into a happy and confident person.

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