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Inculcating the right behavior in your baby or child

Inculcating the right behavior in your baby or child

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There are numerous instances when you wonder why your baby does not understand the right way to behave. You would be yearning to find out ways that can make your baby understand and do the right thing. This is what discipline is all about. The way you discipline your baby is equally important for her. This is where we come to terms with positive parenting

Monday, May 1st, 2017

One of the objectives of discipline is to teach your child  how to behave in society and inculcate values. At some point, every child misbehaves and every parent learns to find out ways to tackle their child’s misbehavior. All of this seems difficult but can be accomplished with positive, loving and gentle guidance.

Challenges of disciplining your child

To discipline a child is a task of high responsibility because you have to teach the child socially acceptable behavior without harming her integrity, sense of self worth and optimism. Discipline may involve both punishments and more importantly rewards. Discipline techniques which are carried out in a loving, calm and controlled manner can assist children in exercising self control, self respect and respect for others.

How will you start?

Following few basic rules can help you to discipline your baby effectively.

Mutual respect:For everyone self respect is of prime importance. Hence you must ensure to give enough respect even to your little baby. Moreover, a baby learns through imitating his parents, so if you give her respect, she will learn to respect others.

Togetherness:Make your baby confide in you as a family. Make her understand that family means togetherness and mutual support.

Be a consistent parent: Be consistent and firm with your rules. If you expect certain behavior at the meal time, your baby must know that this is going to be the same every time she is at the dining table.

Do not expect what you cannot do: If you want your baby to respect the maid, then you will also have to show respectful behavior towards the maid/ domestic help. How else are you going to justify it?

Right Style of Parenting: Your parenting style also has a large influence on the way you discipline with your baby. Broadly,   there are basically three types of parenting styles. These are:

1) An authoritative parentwho has clear expectations and consequences and is affectionate towards the baby. The authoritative parent allows for flexibility and collaborative problem solving with the child when dealing with behavioral challenges. This is the most effective form of parenting.

2) An authoritarian parenthas clear expectations and consequences, but shows little affection toward his or her child. The parent may say things like, "because I’m the Mommy, that’s why." 3) A permissive parentshows lots of affection toward his child but provides little discipline.

How to discipline your child?

The discipline techniques you choose should depend on the behavior, age, temperament, and also your parenting style. Some of the techniques that can be used to discipline the baby are:

Acknowledge, appreciate and Reward good behavior: Acknowledging and appreciating good behavior is the best way to let your baby know that this act makes you happy and it will encourage your baby to continue it.

Natural consequences: Many a times you may not need to say a single word and she learns all by herself that what she did is not right. For example, if she throws a toy off the balcony, she does not have it anymore to play with. Natural consequences can work well when children do not seem to hear your warnings.

Logical consequences: This technique is very much similar to natural consequences.  But it involves your word of describing to your child what the consequences will be for an unacceptable behavior. The consequence is directly linked to the behavior. For example, you tell your baby that if she doesn’t pick up her toys, then those toys will be removed.

Taking away privileges: At times a child’s bad behavior does not have any natural or logical. In such cases, the consequence for unacceptable behavior may be taking away a privilege. For example, if a toddler does not go to sleep on time she may miss the bedtime story. This discipline technique works best if the privileges are:

1) Change in Behavior: Related in some way to your behavior.

2) Change in Valuables:Something that your child values.

3) Change places:Take away the child as soon as possible after the inappropriate behavior (especially for young children).

Learning the right way to do it

What you must know is not to hurry the process. Your baby is in a stage where she is discovering herself and her environment. This should be a positive experience for her and as a parent you should avoid any negative reinforcements which can hamper her natural growth and development.

Inculcating the right behavior in your baby requires time and perseverance.  Patience goes a long way.

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